Botany Botany; a darling essay. [buy]

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'the 80-page full-gloss darling essay is a book, a journal and a map'
Introduced by e.e.cummings, the work evolves into 4 chapters or stages, discussing theme & variation, light and dark, and the mere song of 'readymades curated by always -the great creative spirit'.

>OK soh, "WANKY ARTISAN STATES" aside, the thing is outlined in four chapters. the first being a study of natural-mostly landscapes. the second a study in light, lighter & dark. the third a study in theme and variation continued into the fourth with a surprise conclusion.
The essay also has a second and third text written into it with clues throughout the book as to what these may be, but to give you a brief polaroid of the second: the essay is also a self-portrait of the author; his maturing and journey to find glory and identity as an artist but only finding these freeing winds in the context of relationships.
The reader may find that any artistic, long-winded talk is always a mere solecism for pot-pourri, and this is fine also.